Tuesday, October 11, 2011

MIT Chemistry corporate recruiting visits, 2002 - October 2011

Yet more tyranny of the negative slope. Long after I (pseudo-)promised to look at MIT chemistry's historical recruiting data, I finally stayed up until 1:30 on Saturday morning counting all of the entries.

As you can see, the fat years in the data set appear to be 2002 through 2004. Since then, it's just been a slow trend down.

  • Maybe corporate recruiters are going elsewhere other than MIT. 
  • Maybe MIT chemistry's recruiting is so group specific that recruiting visits are limited to groups rather than the entire department. 
  • Maybe this data set is incomplete (?). 
This isn't so pleasant to contemplate, but maybe things will come back sooner rather than later. Maybe. 


  1. Do the same analysis for Harvard Chemistry. The on campus recruiting there was always rumored to be stronger than at MIT.

  2. Welcome, A8:08a. Enjoy: http://chemjobber.blogspot.com/2011/09/chemistry-recruiting-at-harvard-slight.html

  3. CJ: Corporate recruiters are not going anywhere else. I am thinking if it is bad at MIT, it is much worse at other places. By the way, I am also curious, for those who found job @ MIT, how many of them ended up staying close to Boston. It is my understanding that many pharmaceutical companies wanted activity in the Boston area to attract the best talent there is. I

  4. This seems wrong to me because at my company I know we've picked up since the lows in 2008/2009.

  5. anon 9:20am:
    Attract the best talent or buy the best talent? Seems like pharma companies have more employees than they know what to do with....


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