Friday, October 21, 2011

Wanted: formulation superstar for $76k!

From, a truly exciting ad: 
No two days the same, baby. No two days the same. 


  1. You lived in SoCal, no? Freeway access is an Important Thing.

  2. Sure, but does it beat out benefits?

  3. Wait a minute here, I thought the value of science degrees was actually rapidly rising!?!

  4. Thanks, Anon 5:22.

    From the study, a passage that will get very little attention in the press...

    "The dispersion of cognitive competencies
    outside of STEM has resulted in an artificial
    shortage—not of workers, but of workers with
    STEM competencies. In school and in the labor
    market, the pull of wages, personal interests, work
    interests and work values has allowed STEM talent
    to divert away from STEM occupations and into
    other occupations, such as Healthcare Professional
    and Managerial and Professional, which demand
    similar cognitive competencies. This diversion has
    put a significant strain on the STEM workforce at
    the most elite levels."

    And then there's this...

    "While many remain focused on a small cadre of
    elite STEM workers, more than a third of all jobs
    in STEM through 2018 will be for those with
    less than a Bachelor’s degree."

    Great news, eh? The growth areas for STEM are for technicians with less than a B.S.; more than that, and you're better off in management or healthcare.


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