Thursday, January 19, 2012

Daily Pump Trap: 1/19/12 edition

Good morning! Between January 17 and January 18, there were 15 new positions posted on the ACS Careers blog. Of these, 6 (40%) are academically connected and will be covered on Tuesday's Ivory Filter Flask.

Round Rock, TX: Mocon is a company working on the analytical chemistry of odors; they're looking for a B.S. chemist with 2+ years of lab experience. Aroma detection experience desired. (Yeah, right, dude.)

Baltimore, MD: The Lieber Insitute for Brain Development is hiring for 2 positions: a B.S./M.S. experienced medicinal chemist and a 5+ years experienced analytical chemist for a drug metabolism position.

Arden Hills, MN: Land O' Lakes (yes, the butter people) wish to hire a M.S. chemist to be an analytical lab supervisor. Food products analysis is desired.

Martinez, CA: Tesoro Refining wishes to hire an analytical chemist for a petroleum analysis laboratory; 5+ years experience desired, as well as specialization in LIMS.

Philadelphia, PA: Avid Radiopharmaceuticals is looking for 2 positions: a B.S./M.S. synthetic chemist (5+/3+ years experience, respectively) and a Ph.D. synthetic chemist position, for which they're asking for 2+ years experience with radiopharmaceuticals. PET postdocs -- here's your chance! 

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