Tuesday, January 24, 2012

In other #SheriSangji news, CalOSHA's report is released

Over at The Pump Handle, they have a copy of CalOSHA's senior investigator's report on the Sheri Sangji case. It's quite a doozy, with pointed questions up and down UCLA's EH&S chain.

The investigator, Brian Baudendistel, gets to ask questions of everyone in the case, including Sheri Sangji's labmates. Here's the LA Times' story on the report. ScienceCareers also has a contribution. More on this report later. 

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  1. That report really argues against the UCLA's public response that Sangji was an experienced chemist who should know better. Especially since the postdoc didn't know what he was supposed to and didn't teach her correctly. The way the materials were being handled was just asking for trouble. I've used tBuLi and I would never had tried to transfer 53 mL by syringe much less try to re-use a tBuLi syring without cleaning it. I'm surprised there weren't more accidents if it was being handled this way. tBuLi forms hydroxide salts so quickly that a needle plug is real easy to do.


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