Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ivory Filter Flask: 1/31/12 edition

Good morning! Between January 24 and January 30, there were 23 academic positions posted on the ACS Careers website. Let's do the numbers:

Total number of ads: 23
- Postdocs: 6
- Tenure-track faculty: 8
- Temporary faculty: 1
- Lecturer positions: 1
- Staff positions: 7
- Ratio of US/non-US positions: 22/1

Northfield, VT: Norwich University is looking for an assistant professor of analytical chemistry. Norwich is apparently a private military college in central Vermont -- take along a snow shovel?

Tabuk, Saudi Arabia: The University of Tabuk is a new Saudi university; they're searching for new professors for both their male and female campuses. Here's the pay and benefits:
Salary scale is for Assistant Professors 13,000-15,800 Saudi Riyal (SAR), for Associate Professors 17,000-19,400 SAR and for full-Professors 20,800-23,300 SAR per month. There is an additional up to 25,000 SAR annual tuition allowance for children’s education and one time 12,000 SAR furniture allowance. Faculty members can also earn an additional two months' of base salary for eligible funded research activities. Free round-trip air-ticket is provided annually to the employees and for up to three of their dependents from Tabuk to their point of origin. Saudi Arabia is tax-free country. Preceding salary amounts are take-home pay. Faculty members also get 2 months of paid summer vacation. 
Considering their top end for full professors is ~$72k/year, I think they're going to need to do better than that. Nevertheless, might be fun.

Baltimore, MD: On the other hand, Johns Hopkins is searching for a conservation science postdoc with a salary of $56,000 a year. Sounds like that'd go pretty far in Tabuk.

Staff galore: Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee, OK (home of Sonic!) is searching for a chemistry stockroom manager / chemistry instructor, with the grand salary of $33.8k-$41k a year. UC San Diego is looking for a chemical safety specialist (B.S. in science + 3 years EH&S experience needed.) Georgia Southern University is looking for a chemistry instrumentation manager.


  1. "Nevertheless, might be fun."

    Ya, I hear Saudi's a swinging place. What a cruel joke that must be: sweltering hot temperatures and nary a frosty brew to be found.

    I assume the position is for males only?

  2. I've wondered what Frechet did with his massive wine collection...


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