Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Daily Pump Trap: 2/19/13 edition

Good morning! Between February 14 and February 18, there were 23 new positions posted on the C&EN Jobs. Of these, 6 (26%) are academically connected and 1 (4%) is from a staffing agency.

Arden Hills, MN: Land O' Lakes desires a B.S. chemist (3+ years in food testing) to be an analytical laboratory testing supervisor.

Hoffman Estates, IL: Tate and Lyle (the makers of Splenda) are looking for a Ph.D. research scientist. Here's their description of the desired qualifications:
The successful candidate will have a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry, a strong desire to apply their expertise toward developing food ingredients that deliver health benefits and 3-5 years of industrial experience. 
A background in ingredient design for foods is desirable. Deep experience in biochemistry and medicinal chemistry is required.  Experience in any of the areas of ingredient design from the following list is desirable: enzyme modification of ingredients, physical processing of ingredients (spray drying, drum drying agglomeration, blending etc), natural products extraction, separations technology as applied to product design, fermentation to produce ingredients, or formulation of complex ingredient systems.
Does this person exist outside of Tate and Lyle and Cargill? I am curious.

Westbrook, ME: Sappi Fine Paper wishes to hire a carbohydrate chemist for a postdoctoral fellowship: "will involve technology development as it relates to polysaccharides (e.g. starch, cellulose) and proteins.  The project work will include the modification of these polysaccharide- based polymers for use in a range of potential product applications."

Byron, IL: Exelon desires chemical technicians for nuclear-related water testing. They wish to hire someone with the following preferred qualifications:
- Bachelor's Or Master's Degree in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering, or equivalent degree
- Two years professional work experience in chemistry
- Navy Nuclear experience as an Engineering Lab Technician (ELT)
- Demonstrates leadership capabilities by motivating and inspiring others to accept challenges and meet or exceed expectations, and consistently achieves results, while acting as a role model for exhibiting appropriate behaviors.
Their offered pay? $30-35/hour, no relocation. 5 openings. I feel like this is a low ball offer, but I dunno.

East Bay Area, CA: An unknown company wishes to hire a B.S. chemist with 5-7 years experience in product development for a position researching water filtration technology. Why they didn't spend their money to leaflet Nalco's sites in Chicago and Houston is beyond me. 

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  1. Based on my job hunting experience, 30-35/hr is freakin good for that level of experience, and that's living in an expensive area. I'll take that comp in IL any day. When I was looking, the range for that level of experience was 22/hr to maybe 28/hr, tops.

    Relocation at that level of experience? Don't count on it!

    But yes, it is a low-ball offer, as they all are.


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