Friday, February 1, 2013

Podcast: Dr. Ethan Perlstein, See Arr Oh and Chemjobber

Dr. Ethan Perlstein is a biomedical scientist and an open science pioneer who funded a project on amphetamine biology using donations via RocketHub. This was a really interesting and innovative way to fund science, so See Arr Oh and I decided to talk to him. Here are the results, recorded for you:

(The Google Hangout software was messing with the volumes, so I apologize if some of the sound varied a little.)


0:00-2:20 Intro to Ethan and his project
2:30: How Ethan funded his project with RocketHub
4:00: Who funded Ethan's project?
9:50: What is Ethan going to do with all of that money (an online lab meeting, for one...)
14:30: Webcam science?
15:30: Could this ever be a model for small companies?
19:00: What does Ethan think is inefficient about the current funding model for biomedical science?
20:00: Are biology postdocs longer than chemistry postdocs? Why?
23:50: Ethan doesn't want to double the NIH budget again
26:10: How would a Ph.D. look different in an open-science world?
28:40: Big science was once small science
30:00: Final thoughts from CJ and Ethan
32:00: Will Ethan be the head of the NIH's Open Science Institute in 2030?

Thanks again to Ethan and See Arr Oh for a great conversation!


  1. Is it possible to maybe get a separate RSS feed or a special page just with the podcasts? I always notice them in my normal rss feed but would prefer a feed that i could directly use for google listen or some similiar podcatching app to automatically download new podcasts whenever they arrive.
    It would be much harder to miss any of your very interesting podcasts this way. Right now i often forget downloading them to my phone and rarely listen to the complete podcast.


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