Thursday, February 7, 2013

Daily Pump Trap: 2/7/13 edition

Good morning! Between February 5 and February 6, we have 20 new positions posted from C&EN Jobs. Of these, 5 (25%) are academically connected.

Pleasanton, CA: Clorox is hiring entry-level Ph.D. chemists for product research and development positions; they also have post-doctoral positions, apparently?

Albuquerque, NM: Sandia National Laboratories desires a Ph.D. inorganic chemist to a battery research specialist; I'm guessing they pay healthily and you will need to get (not have) a "Q"-level clearance. Cool.

Peabody, MA: JEOL USA is looking for a B.S./M.S. NMR specialist to work with their sales team; 2 years experience minimum required.

Baton Rouge, LA: Albemarle is looking for a R&D chemist; Ph.D. desired, no work experience demands me. This looks to be a scale-up specialist:
The successful candidate will support our R&D activities directed toward the identification, development and commercialization of New Fine Chemical products.  This will involve literature searches, construction of complex lab apparatus designed to safely manipulate hazardous chemicals under potentially extreme conditions, designing and conducting experiments directed toward new product development, synthesizing samples for customer testing/qualification, writing technical packages and reports and collecting data to be used in the development of detailed cost estimates. This person will also help to guide projects from the bench to pilot to commercial scales.  Such an effort can include multi-step kilo lab and pilot plant production of developmental products for customer sampling. The kilo lab and pilot production can involve working with hourly lab technicians or with other professionals. Assisting in the writing of operation procedures for and operating and monitoring of batch or continuous reactors, filtrations, distillation may be required.
That actually looks really cool.

Atlanta, GA: UL's environmental laboratory is looking for a Ph.D. scientist to manage its analytical laboratories; 90-120k offered.


  1. The Clorox positions are repeat circulations. I wonder if the positions are real or the rate of turnover is extremely high.

    1. I wonder if they're expanding? They've consistently attended ACS conferences recently, IIRC. Hmmmmm.

    2. Clorox seems to do a lot of new hires. When I was at Caltech, they interviewed every year. I know a couple people (from different years) who ended up getting offers/going there.

    3. Pretty much every other supermarket chemical product got snapped up by some megacompany a long time ago, and only survives as a brand name - I'm surprised there's still actually a Clorox company!


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