Friday, February 1, 2013

#wwwtp: process chemistry edition

From a cherished reader, this ad from Radley's:
Call me crazy, but I don't think that would satisfy safety requirements in most kilo laboratories, unless those were steel-toed heels. 


  1. The photo was taken in the plant cafeteria. It’s punch for the holiday party.

  2. reminds me of all the women who do chemistry with their hair down in skirts and heels on the popular US forensic television series... Though the women in "CSI" labs seem to also carry all their work in dark labs. Why don't they turn on the damn lights?

  3. Female chemists don't look like that. :-\

  4. If she wore a short skirt and heels on a pilot plant, trip hazards would be the least of her worries...

    It wasn't like that in my day!


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