Tuesday, February 26, 2013

In the meantime, also...

...it ain't a full lid yet here at Chemjobber, but I would like to commend to you Vittorio Saggiomo's "And So God Made a Chemist."

This is obviously a play on the "So God Made a Farmer" commercial from the Superbowl. Vittorio actually spent a good bit of time framing the visuals and the text to match the old Paul Harvey speech, which is pretty remarkable. (And if you're a bit of a softie like me, you might get something in your eyes.)


  1. An astounding job by Vittorio. This should do for chemists what "The Big Bang Theory" and "Numb3rs" have done for physicists and mathematicians.

  2. This is fitting, considering that becoming a chemist right now makes about as much sense as trying to make a living as a farmer.

    Also, can we break the cycle of dick waving about how many hours we spend in the lab? No one cares that you wash dishes for 80 hours a week and make less than minimum wage... and so God made a sucker.

    1. Yes, you're right. Our role in society can be equivalent of farming. A farmer give you basic necessities like food while we give you medicinal drugs, new materials and innovation. I can see your point of comparing farmer and chemist as extremely important for society.
      Thank you for the comment

    2. It's hard to feed and clothe my family on a sense of self satisfaction for a job well done.


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