Thursday, April 20, 2017

Daily Pump Trap: 4/20/17 edition

A few of the positions posted recently at C&EN Jobs:

Richmond, VA: Evonik, looking for a Ph.D. pesticide chemist.

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia:  Saudi Aramco, hiring a process safety engineer.

Looking for editors: Nature Electronics, looking for an associate or senior editor. Also, Nature Catalysis. (That 62k salary isn't right, right?)

A broader look:  A broader look: Monster, Careerbuilder, Indeed and show (respectively) "1000+", 426, 9,644 and 15 positions for the search term "chemist."

LinkedIn shows 3,429 positions for the search term "chemist" and 20,518 for the search term "chemistry." Job titles from LinkedIn - first with quotes, and the second without: Polymer Chemist: 11/714. Analytical chemist: 234/302. Research chemist: 46/58. Synthetic chemist: 18/690. Medicinal chemist: 19/50. Organic chemist: 37/77. Process chemist: 32/72. Process development chemist: 10/12. Formulation chemist: 54/64.


  1. Those familiar with the history of Evonik surely know that one of their grandfather companies manufactured a rather infamous "pesticide" for the German market back in the 1930s. Hope their current pesticide research is more ethical.

    1. A. IG Farben was the largest chemical company in the world at the time so one could say that virtually every chemical large chemical commodities company and infamous chemical could trace its roots from the nazi Germany era.

      B. Judging by your ignorant comment, I gather you were not aware that there is a direct correlation between the subsidiary that manufactured Zyklon B and the company that manufactures the anti-graffiti coating used for the holocaust memorial in Berlin.

  2. "That 62k salary isn't right, right?"

    I can't see the salary, but what's not right about it? The fact that it's too low, or that it's too high? It's not that bad for an editor job I think. These Nature journals are proliferating like mushrooms lately. They can't all have a highly paid professional editor in addition to stuff. That money might go far in China as well. I think they are really diluting it by now though. There is no way I would submit there without trying ACS Catalysis first.


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