Thursday, April 27, 2017

Interesting table of H1b use for chemists

Credit: C&EN
Also in this week's C&EN, an interesting idea by Andrea Widener to use myvisajobs to look for H1b visa holders for "chemist" positions. I think there is a little bit of a problem here, in that some positions don't use the title "chemist", i.e. Pfizer calls entry-level Ph.D. positions "senior scientists."

I suspect that an enterprising person could put together a pretty strong database of all the positions in the country that use H1b visa holders for chemists this way.

UPDATE: Also, I thought it was interesting that Amneal, Novel, and Ascent seem to be generics firms. (That Ascent salary! (fans self))


  1. CJ I know and appreciate the effort you actually put into working on this blog where we get more than we pay for but honestly I am beginning to wonder if you have taken to politics with the repeated promises for a Process Chemist job list and no evidence of its real existence yet. Alternately may I should ask if you decided to get an MBA or move in to Sales so being trained according... ;(

  2. Sciegen Pharmaceuticals is generic as well, but they're stationed in NY. I'm sure there are lots of people getting by $51K, but even in upstate NY, that doesn't seem like it'd go all that far. Does explain the visas, though - probably not a long line filing in to work for that money.

    Why do you get spammed so badly? It's like Grand Central Station for people offering sketchy loans or miracles.

    1. Jeez, Sciegen are on Long Island. What do 50k get you? A shoebox under a bridge?

    2. Zillow says the median home value in Hauppauge is $470,600. (Listings are higher.) If you're feeling brave, you could live in Central Islip (median value $260,100--that's higher than the median listing, which will tell you something about living there). I'd prefer the shoebox.

  3. The word "slave" keeps popping up in Glassdoor reviews of the lower-paying firms.

  4. From reading about the management, founders etc. of most of the firms, I get the impression that majority of them got into the US on H1B visas themselves. Maybe some of it is reaching back and some of it is keeping costs as low as possible.


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