Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Highest court in the land, lowest rung on the ladder

A hilarious story in the Washington Post by Robert Barndes about the duties of the least-senior associate justice of the United States Supreme Court: 
The junior justice has three unique responsibilities, she said. But in recounting them, she always starts with the fact that the newest justice is assigned to cafeteria duty and keeps it until the next justice is confirmed. 
“I think this is a way to kind of humble people,” she said during the “fireside chat” at the elegant Broadmoor resort in Colorado Springs. “You think you’re kind of hot stuff. You’re an important person. You’ve just been confirmed to the United States Supreme Court. 
“And now you are going to monthly cafeteria committee meetings where literally the agenda is what happened to the good recipe for the chocolate chip cookies.”
The justices eat lunch together on the days when they hear oral arguments, Kagan explained. 
“Somebody will say, ‘Who’s our representative to the cafeteria committee again?’ Like they don’t know, right? And then they’ll say, ‘This soup is very salty.’ And I’m like supposed to go fix it myself?”
I really found this story hilarious, especially the bit about the junior justice being the only one who opens the door to the justice's conference room. 

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  1. No matter how high you climb, there is always someone above you.


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