Friday, April 21, 2017

View From Your Hood: Lac Leman edition

From chemTwitter denizen Suzanne Jansze:

"I have been working at the EPFL in Switzerland for the past two years and have a nice view on the Alps and Lac Leman (better known as lake Geneva)."

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  1. Suzanne will have a front seat view when CERN-produced mini black hole drains Lake Geneva

  2. The common name for the body of water in the picture has been a source of contention for the citizens of the Cantons of Vaud (Lausanne, Montreaux etc) and Geneva for many generations. As you might expect the Genevois believe it is Lake Geneva and the the Vaudois believe it is Lac Leman. Apparently, there are fist fights among the recruits in the Swiss compulsory military training from the two cantons over the name.

  3. Looks pretty ugly. How could one survive with such a view. /s

  4. Very nice scenery with a dash of tasteful chemtrail.


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