Friday, April 19, 2013

10 chemistry Friday news dumps

A Friday news dump is, according to Taegan Goddard, "Releasing bad news or documents on a Friday afternoon in an attempt to avoid media scrutiny."

With the craziness in Boston, the West, TX fertilizer plant accident and an attempt on the President's life by an Elvis impersonator, nobody is in the mood to watch the news, the news is going to be dominated by distracting things... so I'm guessing nobody is going to notice the following headlines:
  1. Just Like Cooking: "See Arr Oh revealed to be actual talking, Tweeting, blogging dog." 
  2. Chemical and Engineering News: "American Chemical Society news: ACS Board of Directors votes Madeleine Jacobs ACS CEO for Life, quadruples retention bonus just in case." 
  3. Bloomberg Businessweek: "Tech companies: H1-B program Not Actually About 'Best and Brightest.'"
  4. Chemjobber: "Poll Indicates All Chemists Love Being Asked About If Their Work Is Like 'Breaking Bad.'" 
  5. American Chemistry Council morning e-newsletter: "Fracking Environmental Impact Worse than Expected. There, We Said It." 
  6. Nature Chemistry: "We announce we have discovered Editor-In-Chief Stuart Cantrill's unusually fast  paper-reading ability is due to the fact that he is actually a robot." 
  7. ICIS Chemicals and the Economy: "Just Kidding, The Global Economy is Doing Great!" 
  8. Rock Talk blog: "I, for one, welcome our new alien overlords. I'd like to remind them that as a trusted scientific administrator, I could be helpful in rounding up postdoctoral fellows and assistant professors to toil in their underground laboratories."
  9. Fortune: "Poll of Pharma CEOs Shows Ignorance Of, Indifference to Fate of Employees." 
  10. Chemical and Engineering News: "Immediate ACS Past-President Professor Bassam Shakhashiri's name is actually spelled Professor Bassim Shakashiri." 


  1. IKA: New catalog has academic theme. Madonna to portray PI, Beyonce, Katy Perry, and Ke$ha as post-docs, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus as grad students.

  2. Yo, c-jobs! Er... how about html links for that list? I need a fix of blog stuff to keep me away from all the horrible work I have to do and take my mind off the interviews that I should be preparing for.

    1. I hope you realize that all of the headlines are fake, but the sites are not?

    2. Is there anyone who didn't already know about 1? Some scandal! 6, on the other hand... ;)

    3. But for you, Uncle, anything.

    4. Yes, they sounded fake, but there was something about a few of them... Plus, for the first ten seconds I really did think they were real. And after about a minute, I still thought that some of the stories were real out of the 10. Like #5 and 10 sounded not too different from real news. I assumed the rest were links to old April 1st posts. Well, should have known better.

  3. I'd missed this... - very funny! :-)


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