Monday, April 8, 2013

Thermo Fisher + Life Technologies?

Mergers and acquisitions activities (and, actually, all sorts of business doings) make chemists nervous; I know I have readers who are listening to Thermo Fisher's leadership carefully. In this week's C&EN: 
Rumors have been circulating for months that Thermo Fisher Scientific is preparing a bid for Life Technologies, an analytical instrumentation and biotechnology supplies specialist. Other instrument companies, among them Agilent Technologies and Danaher, are also said to be bidding. 
Marc N. Casper, 45, Thermo’s chief executive officer, tells C&EN that he “can’t comment on market chatter.” But it should come as no surprise that Thermo might be among the firms prepared to ante up the $12.5 billion or so that would be needed to acquire Life Technologies.
Best wishes to all involved -- sure hope the powers that be know what they're up to!  


  1. So, how many will be laid off? In Rockford or in Oregon?

  2. There is a reason that many analytical chemists refer to Thermo as the Borg...


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