Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Daily Pump Trap: 4/9/13 edition

Good morning! Between April 4 and April 8, there were 50 new positions posted on the C&EN Jobs website. Of these, 12 (24%) are academically connected.

Wow: I feel like jobs season is beginning to pick up, and that we've got larger companies posting multiple ads. Nice to see. Now, are they relevant to members....?

Well, look at that: You know how Derek Lowe was talking about sirtuins at GSK? Well, look at this (typos not mine):
GlaxoSmithKline is currently seeking to recruit a highly motivated, talented Medicinal Chemist to the Sirtuin DPU in Upper Providence, PA as well as other scientific area of R&D. . In this role, you will be responsible for synthesizing novel small molecule sirtuin modulators in support of our drug discovery efforts. 
2 openings. Additional Salary Information: Pension Plan, 401k, Medical, Dental,vacation time 
BS and 2+ or MS and 4+ years of industry experience and ability to analyze SAR and related experimental findings. 
60-85k for the position, which seems reasonable-ish.

Stamford, CT: Cytec Industries is looking for a Ph.D. chemist to run its NMR laboratory; 5+ years experience with polymer NMR desired.

Bay Area: Gilead Sciences seems to be expanding its process development group; 4 ads posted. 3 openings for Ph.D. chemists, 2 experienced associate positions2 less experienced associate positions and 1 entry-level position.

Spartanburg, SC: Milliken and Company is looking for 3 Ph.D. analytical chemists.

Gas-to-liquids?: Velocys looks to be a catalysis company aimed at petrochemicals; they're looking for 3 positions, including a manager of catalysis R&D located in Columbus, OH. (15+ years of industrial catalysis experience). That person would get paid 120-180k. Is that high or low, I've no idea.

Hey, you're back!: Cyalume (West Springfield, MA) is once again looking for a lead senior chemist. M.S. chemist desired, 2+ years experience with dyes, organic synthesis.

Danger, Will Robinson, danger: Formulated Solutions in Clearwater, Florida seeks a chemist with FDA regulated laboratory experience. "This position is a salaried exempt position, and candidates must be willing to work extra hours as needed." Auuuuuga! Auuuuuuga!

Duuuuuude: Ropes and Gray LLP is looking for Ph.D. chemists for its Boston and New York offices. 2 openings, 115k starting. 


  1. Ropes and Gray LLP, arrrghhh! So tempting. Why the hell am I even trying for academic positions where you work a lot and get paid crap? 115k to start is no joke. Generous vacation time! Free law school!

  2. ...and in New York or Boston, for everyone who complains about having to live/work in Nowheresville. Which is to say, everyone.

    Yep, pret-ty tempting...

  3. The LinkedIn network is probably getting overloaded by connection attempts for Ropes and Gray.

    Too bad there's a strong chance that they'll pass up experienced (including those who've generated & protected IP) out-of-work chemists for somebody who drops the "H-Bomb" (Boston) or the "C-Bomb" (NYC).

  4. They're not looking for anyone with a law degree, so actually having experience with preparing patents as part of your job is a plus. Your pedigree (including companies you've worked for) can be helpful. That being said, ample vacation time is available, but it's not easy to take the time off. Free law school means that you'll be working full-time and going to school at night for four years, so say good-bye to the weekends. Full disclosure: I'm going to work another firm, but a couple of my friends work at Ropes. The PhD (now an associate) enjoys it, the associate does not.

  5. I applied for the Ropes job. Seems a long shot, but why not? I have some limited experience in patents and IP issues. Seems lie a really awesome opportunity, despite the afore mentioned working while attending law school. My wife is an attorney, I can't imagine her working while doing that. Wold be an intense few years.

  6. I, uh... read some patents. When I become a Ropes & Gray partner I will make sure all chemistry patents have pictures and are easy to understand! And I know a few languages so I have 'communication' skills.

    Okay. Even if I lived in the States, I guess I would have no hope with these guys.