Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Daily Pump Trap: 1/21/14 edition

Good morning! Between January 16 and January 20, there have been 91 positions posted on C&EN Jobs. Of these, 42 (46%) are academically connected and 23 (25%) are from Kelly Scientific Resources.

Groton, CT: Pfizer is hiring entry-level Ph.D. chemists (no academic experience required!) for process chemistry. This is part of 6 positions that they've posted, from senior associate level up to research fellow level.

Bermuda: Anyone want to be a chemistry teacher in Bermuda? Might sound nice; B.S./M.S. in chemistry required.

Brevard, NC: PharmAgra is looking for B.S., M.S.,  and Ph.D. organic chemists. "APPLICANT MUST BE AVAILABLE TO START WORK WITHIN 2 WEEKS OF OFFER."

Carlsbad, CA: Verdezyne Inc. is looking for a B.S.-level process development chemist with 2 to 5 years of experience; looks like industrial biotechnology on pilot-plant scale. Lotsa fun, I'll bet. 65-75k? Not too shabby.

Columbus, OH: Roxane Laboratories is hiring a B.S./M.S. formulations chemist to work on solid dosage forms.

Washington, DC: Just in case you thought that there weren't irrelevant private sector positions on C&EN Jobs, anyone here an architect? Anyone?

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