Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Job postings: St. Jude's, 2 positions

The director of the lab featured in yesterday's DPT wrote in -- this was his comment:
The ‘Cheminformatics Analyst’ position is in my lab. I wanted to clarify the job posting. The job description states this person ‘assists the CBT Cheminformaticist with computing resources for cheminformatics’  and will be developing software applications, hence the background in CS. Apologies if the job title is a bit ambiguous.

I also want to highlight two positions that do require a background in chemistry:
Click here, search for "Chemical Data Warehouse Specialist" (32063) and "Senior Scientist Cheminformatics" (32064) under "Scientific Research" 
I think that's a fair statement. I apologize to Dr. Shelat and I thank him for more relevant postings.

UPDATE: Apologies, links fixed. St. Jude's website does not like outside links.