Friday, January 10, 2014

Thanks, Division of Organic Chemistry, for the videos!

I've talked about paying dues to the Division of Organic Chemistry ($15/year). I note that I said that I wanted video of all Division presentations, including those made at the National Organic Symposium. 

Well, according to my DOC Newsletter this morning, those videos are available to members at the Division website. I have indeed viewed the page; I can confirm that, if you're a division member, you have access to talks from David Evans, Lawrence Scott, Joanna Fowler, Shana Kelley, Eiichi Nakamura and Hanadi Sleiman from this year's NOS at the University of Washington. 

I know that I'm a regular critic of the American Chemical Society, so I like it when I can say something positive. A lot of us in industry don't get to see presentations from academics anymore (and still enjoy it); this (and ACS Presentations on Demand) is an exciting thing to see. 

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  1. Thanks for the positive feedback as we strive to assist our members!
    Chris Welch
    2014 Chair, ACS Division of Organic Chemistry (ORGN)