Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What's a full-size drop?

Amboceptor is a newer science blog that looks at papers from 100 years ago. Here's an interesting little comment about drops from the July 1918 New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal:
Now, one drop of plain water is added. Drops can vary enormously in size, and while, if the proportions in the test were carried out to suit, no harm would ensue, still, for working purposes, we need a full-sized drop. In this instance the standard drop is measured by preferably using the ordinary medicine dropper held almost parallel to the table, so that the drop collects on the side of the elongated glass tip of the dropper.
The post goes on further to talk about the history of micropipetting -- a worthwhile read.

IFF/DPT and more to come. Busy morning.  


  1. 20 drops to a milliliter, that's what I've been taught.

    1. Definitely, that's what I remember! (from a glass 5-inch Pasteur pipette.)