Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ivory Filter Flask: 1/21/14 edition

Good morning! Typically, this is the space where I would tell you about how many positions there are between January 14 and January 20, but recently, this become too difficult. I'll tell you why:

There's something wrong with C&EN Jobs: All of a sudden, around the beginning of the year, more and more irrelevant academic job postings have been showing up on the site. It's become obvious that no one is curating the job listings. There's been a rather ridiculous jumble of positions that I can't keep track of which assistant professorships are relevant and which ones (like this clinical chemistry position that requires an M.D. or this neurosciences faculty position) are completely irrelevant. Harper College has (for some reason) reposted its "Dean of Mathematics and Science" position 4 times. How about this UCLA position for the Director of Gift Planning? Anyone here at C&EN Jobs have a Ph.D. in physics? You could become a lecturer in Space Science at Santa Clara University!

If this continues, I will begin sorting the positions out by hand. The statistical nature of this blog feature (believe it or not, even if I haven't published my tallies yet) are important to me; it is frustrating to me that this is happening. How am I supposed to categorize these 44 positions posted by Stanford University, most of which are social science or biomedical laboratory positions? I could wade through each one by hand and categorize them as "staff", but at the moment, I am tempted to throw up my hands in frustration.)

When I talk to chemists who are looking for work, I continually say that C&EN Jobs is the best place online to look for positions -- I'd sure like to continue to be able to say that.

OK, I'm done ranting. On to the relevant positions:

Romeoville, IL: Lewis University is searching for an assistant professor of inorganic chemistry.

Boston, MA: Brandeis is looking for an organic chemistry lecturer.

New York, NY: CUNY - Hunter College is also looking for an organic chemistry lecturer - 45k-54k. (Hmmm.)

Platteville, WI: Also, the University of Wisconsin - Platteville is an assistant professor of inorganic chemistry.

Bemidji, MN: Bemidji State is looking for an assistant or associate professor of medicinal chemistry.

Innnnteresting: Recall that post about Delaware's new preceptors? Here's an assistant professor in "chemistry or biochemistry instruction" position that's not tenure-track. (It's titled "continuing"; hard to know what that means...)

Hong Kong: Two positions for organic/organometallic chemists at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. 


  1. Irrelevant adds: HR drones "just doing their work" by pushing the numbers... A complete sabotage both for people looking for jobs, and the people doing the hiring

    1. Either that, or a situation where policy requires them to advertise a job when the candidate has already been chosen, and they're trying to discourage unsolicited applications!

  2. You spelled the name of that Minnesota school incorrectly. It should be Burrrmidji.