Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"Oh, just not THESE #STEM workers."

From a friend's Twitter feed. I guess those were the wrong kind of STEM jobs.

(That #STEMsaveslives events was livestreamed here. I find it terribly, horribly, absolutely ironic that it's the CEO of Lilly, the company that's been laying off chemists and then rehiring them as lower-paid contractors, that's telling us about the STEM crisis in the US.) 


  1. Its as if there are big-pharma-paid plants to watch Twitter feeds an tweet misinformation to keep MOAR STEM happening. Comissar Jacobs may have a hand in this. If big-Phrams can buy our (US) government legislators to vote what benefits them, why not this?

    That's an awfully cute rubber duckie. When you squeeze it do you get more suds?

  2. Yo, c-jobs! I think you might enjoy this story: