Monday, August 11, 2014

StripeyNanoparticleMania 2015!

Also in this week's C&EN, this letter to the editor:
Having read “Big Tussle over Tiny Particles” with great interest, I suggest that ACS sponsor a meeting between the parties involved and provide objective observers (C&EN, May 26, page 43). Francesco Stellacci would bring his nanoparticles, and Philip Moriarty would operate the scanning tunneling microscope at various gain settings. Everyone present would see for themselves whether the nanoparticles were actually striped or not, and the question would be settled. Unless one of the sides believes that ego trumps truth at this point, why would they object to such a meeting?
Dean Meyer
Winder, Ga.
I would personally find such a meeting both incredibly boring and really gripping. 

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  1. Having worked with Philip, I think he would welcome holding such a meeting.


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