Monday, October 20, 2014

Cameras being cheaper than higher wages...

From the Wall Street Journal, an interesting comment on regional labor shortages from the Federal Reserve: 
The Federal Reserve’s “Beige Book” report, released Wednesday, offered a generally upbeat outlook on the U.S. economy in September and October from anecdotes offered from its 12 regional banks... 
In the Dallas region, residential construction contacts “noted persistent labor shortages.” Indeed, in Houston, “a few builders were placing cameras and armed guards at their construction sites to prevent poaching of workers."
Perhaps the city of Houston could station a few game wardens to prevent this sort of poaching.


  1. It's amazing how free market capitalism doesn't look so good to the wealthy when it's a worker's market...

    1. If it's a worker's market, then obviously there's a market failure that needs to be addressed with government action or subsidies. Don't you know anything?

  2. Proof positive that the construction industry in Texas needs more immigrant labor.