Thursday, October 9, 2014

Like the coelacanth

A full-page ad for Gilead chemistry in the 2nd-to-latest C&EN. Looks like lots of positions in both Foster City and Seattle. Haven't been one of those in a long, long, long time. (Maybe 1 in the past year, maybe 3 or 4 in the past 3?)

Also, the fact that Gilead is expanding seems to be good news.

Best wishes to those applying. 


  1. Somebody has to edit out the "for life" after "careers" and replace it with "until an MBA whacks you". At least then the ad would be honest.

    1. I'm picturing Joe Pesci walking into the room and saying "Oh no!"

  2. You mean to tell me the John Martin is willing to share some of his 1.2 billion dollars to pay for a scientist?

    "Yeah, come and join us to fulfill our vision where you make shit happens, and I get rich. And remember, should you find a cure for cancer, I'll pay for a commemorative plaque for your office at my own expanse...And I will alleviate you the trouble of wondering what to do with the wealth created, cauz I'll keep it all for MEEEEE. You're welcome."

  3. Not surprising. Sovaldi has been the biggest drug launch in history so I expect them to do well for a while. Good time to work there.