Thursday, October 23, 2014

Daily Pump Trap: 10/23/14 edition

A few of the positions posted at C&EN Jobs over the past couple of days:

Slim pickins: Not too many positions posted.

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia: I see Saudi Aramco is hiring for a B.S. chemist position.

Chicago, IL: Wheatland Tube is hiring a coatings engineer for steel. I love this line: " This position will report directly to the Corporate Coatings Director, and functionally to the Electrical, Fence, and Mechanical Tube Division Quality Assurance Director." This is a company that loves its titles, methinks.

Cincinnati, OH: I didn't know there was such a thing as rheo-NMR (paging the Rheo Thing), but apparently Procter and Gamble needs a Ph.D. scientist in it. Something tells me that the qualified, relevant candidates for this sort of position could all fit inside a city bus.

UPDATE: Nope, anon electrochemist says that it is relatively common. Who knew?

A broader look: Monster, Careerbuilder, Indeed and show (respectively) 220, 932, 2,812 and 19 positions for the search term "chemist." (About an extra 200 positions for Careerbuilder -- interesting.) LinkedIn shows 609 results for the job title "chemist", with 80 for "analytical chemist", 5 for "organic chemist" and 1 for "medicinal chemist." 


  1. anon electrochemistOctober 23, 2014 at 12:49 PM

    Rheological NMR is reasonably common in the polymer world. A widebore magnet with a variable temperature accessory and you're capable of determining just about every property you like. No need for high sensitivity techniques when the plant can drop off bags of resin. Polymers that melt but don't dissolve well have trouble with GPC, and the other rheo techniques tend not to measure raw physical parameters. How else would you measure the diffusion rate of a functionalized end group vs the middle of the chain? The rather long runs are also great for soaking up unused time on an otherwise unaffordable in-house instrument.

  2. P&G recently started a voluntary separation/early retirement program which is quite large in scope. They are cutting from 180 brands to 80-90 brands.

    I would not be surprised if this position has a hiring freeze on it and/or is just an information search. Some of the very specific positions go unfilled for years due to on/off hiring freezes.

  3. Divested brand employees go with the brands in most cases. Iams and Duracell are two recent examples.