Monday, October 20, 2014

This week's C&EN

Lots of interesting tidbits in this week's C&EN: 


  1. HP and its sister Agilent seem to make a hobby of poor investments. Just how much of the value of the Varian instruments business will be left in Agilent after the NMR line is discontinued?

    I suppose this is good news for JEOL though. Are there any other serious competitors for Bruker?

  2. She's a friend of the industry and has seniority. Also it helps to cultivate friends on both sides of the aisle where possible to help with the optics of legislation. Things become 'bipartisan' with only a dash of opposition party support.

    I would be enormously skeptical of the idea of getting the Chemical Safety Improvement act moving again. The difficulty is finding something that the chemical industry supports without completely alienating environmental groups. It might be enough to draw a filibuster. Then there's also the balance of state vs federal regulation. This will probably be one of the few times you'll see the GOP advocate for more regulation at the federal level instead of the state level. It's unfortunate because TSCA is surely in need of an update.

  3. Silly question: any chance of another company buying Varian NMR, so that the US will still have a manufacturer of NMR spectrometers and magnets?

    Curses on Agilent: another example of MBAs shutting down American technology and science.