Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Daily Pump Trap: 10/28/14 edition

A few of the positions posted on the C&EN Jobs website recently:

St. Louis, MO: Monsanto desires a Ph.D. chemist to perform research into microbial formulations -- sounds fascinating. (What kind of technology is this aimed at?)

Silver Spring, MD: WSSC is a municipal water utility; they're looking for a laboratory QA/QC position. 61-103k for a B.S., 5+ years experience.

West Springfield, MA: Cyalume is, once again, looking for a senior chemist at its facility. High turnover?

Ever wonder what an industrial entomologist position looks like?: Here's one -- why they're looking at C&EN Jobs is beyond me. 


  1. Microbial formulations for crop protection........they are basically looking for an agrochemical formulator who will formulate live, dead, or homogenized cell cultures into shelf-stable crop protection products for the biopesticide market.

  2. I saw orchestral conductor at University of Washington and Professor of Developmental Psychology at NYU Dubai yesterday on C&EN Jobs yesterday. I searched for "Organic." I wonder if there's an opening for screening job postings.

  3. High turnover? No, most likely they are hunting the unicorn.

  4. the entomologist position is not surprising for those outside med/process chem. probably a lot of organic/analytical chemistry in extracting the pesticides and analyzing the chemical identity of the active and its metabolites....

    I don't work with bugs, but other tissues as an organic chemist...