Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Couple of things

Derek Lowe has a link to a rather amusing inadvertent addition to a paper, John Spevacek has noted an equally amazing admission, but one that's on purpose. (2nd page, first paragraph)

Tien Nguyen has written a really nice "successful assistant professor candidates talk on their job search" roundtable. Lots of good advice on that one, especially the "get there a night early" tip.

See Arr Oh gets sent some fun pictures, including a rather amusing Austrian "yay chemistry jobs!" poster!

Finally, please let me know if you're having trouble commenting. If you're writing a longer comment, remember to copy it before you submit, so that the Blogger comment monster won't eat it forever. Worst case, you can e-mail me your comment and I'll post it for you. 


  1. The "neuer Beruf" T-shirt is cute. The Austrian websites behind it, however are directed towards attracting students towards studying chemistry. Aside from a list of Austrian companies, there were no adverts for specific jobs. My glance through that list located one job offer, but that was in the US, not Austria.

  2. "Get there a night early" is great advice. Taking a crack-of-dawn flight to make it to a morning meeting is a good way to arrive stressed, tired, and possibly late.

    1. Considering that flights have little spare room now for extra passengers or for perturbations due to weather or other problems, so that your flight probably won't be fun in the best-case scenario, and may happen really late in others, this seems like a good idea to me now.