Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ivory Filter Flask: 11/18/14 edition

A few of the academically-related positions on the C&EN Jobs website:

Terre Haute, IN: Indiana State University is seeking an assistant professor of organic chemistry. Deadline is January 5, 2015.

Charlotte, NC: UNC - Charlotte desires an assistant professor of nanoscale chemistry, which is a new, interesting title.

Bay City, MI: Delta College seeks a M.S. chemist for a position as a chemistry instructor; starts at 48k -- not bad.

Conway, SC: Coastal Carolina University is looking for an assistant professor of marine chemistry; "specializations in environmental biogeochemistry and global cycling are particularly encouraged."

La Crosse, WI: The University of Wisconsin - La Crosse is seeking an associate lecturer to run its organic chemistry laboratories. M.S./Ph.D. desired; 37-45k offered.


  1. 37-45k ?! Are they seriously joking? That's horrific, even with a lower cost of living in La Crosse.

  2. Oh come on. That's what I make as a research associate with a PhD in academia, and I'm an old guy. Get used to it--enjoy the decline!

  3. I was offered 3K less than this as a MS student 15-20 years ago (applying to somewhere paying between academia and industry).

    40K to run their organic labs - maybe they can have someone from Liberia or one of the Sudans to help...find.. them an eligible employee.