Thursday, November 6, 2014

Daily Pump Trap: 11/6/14 edition

Good morning! A few of the industrial positions posted at C&EN Jobs this week:

Fort Washington, PA: Vitae Pharmaceuticals is hiring a senior director of process chemistry. Pretty cool.

Lionville, PA: West Pharmaceutical Services is looking for a principal analytical chemist with an LC/MS bent.

North Chicago, IL: AbbVie with more process chemistry positions; also, a medicinal chemistry position in Shanghai. (heh)

Austin, TX: This "chemometrician" position is obviously with a defense contractor (US citizenship a requirement), but it sounds interesting nonetheless:
At least five years of professional experience is desired for those with a B.S. degree or 0-4 years for those with a M.S. or Ph.D. Degrees in physical sciences are strongly preferred, although candidates with degrees in statistics or data science with physical science experience will be considered. Proficiency in performing data analytics, specifically chemometrics, multivariate data analysis, predictive analytics, and/or data mining, as it related to chemical, biological, biochemical, or other scientific data is required. Experience in R or MATLAB, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Word is required. Experience analytical chemistry including chromatography, mass spectrometry, spectroscopy, or other chemical analysis methods is desired. 
60-80k offered.

Davis, CA: Marrone Bio Innovations back again with a B.S. chemist formulator position.

Rolla, MO: Brewer Science is back once again with more research associate positions (Ph.D. desired), among others.  

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  1. I had the misfortune of working for signature science. Their budgets go year to year so there's not alot in the way of job security. Lots of micromanaging and favoritism among the managers and a few select underlings.