Thursday, November 13, 2014

Job posting: organic chemist, Rochester, NY and analyst, Henderson, CO

From the inbox:

"Might be a great job for someone with general organic synthesis skills and especially with small-scale chemical development experience. Of course, the person would have to be willing to go over to the Dark Side of materials chemistry..."

Orthogonal Inc. in Rochester, NY, is seeking a Research Organic Chemist to carry out the design and synthesis of specialty photoactive compounds and polymers. The position requires:
  • PhD in Organic Chemistry or related field 
  • 0 - 10 years industrial experience in synthetic organic chemistry 
  • expertise in multi-step organic synthesis, including purification and instrumental characterization 
  • strong self-motivation 
  • ability to work closely with a diverse team of scientists 
Best wishes to those interested. A link to the position is here and the response e-mail is careers (at) orthogonalinc (dot) com


  1. Don't bother, I already applied to this. I'm clearly the best candidate, so y'all just mosey along 8-)

  2. Really? I was working on a cover letter for this position, until a job offer in a similar area just came through on the west coast.