Thursday, November 13, 2014

Help a chemist? Analytical chemist looking in southern California area

A reader writes in to say that they are looking for a position for an experienced M.S. analytical chemist in the southern California area. Lots of GC experience, pesticide method development in GLP environmental, 4 years of QC lab experience w/HPLC, GCMS, and LD/TD-MS. 

Anybody know of any positions available? If so, e-mail me at chemjobber -at- gmail/dot/com and I'll put them/you in touch. 

Feel free to leave "situations wanted" ads in this thread -- try to keep them under ~200 words, say. 

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  1. I expect this thread to flood quickly. I'll strike while the iron's hot.

    Ph.D organic/medicinal chemist. 2 years postdoc, 3 years industry. Very experienced in small molecule library synthesis, also versed in large molecule protein-protein interaction inhibitors. Open to switching fields. Highly mobile and willing to relocate, currently in the Northeast.