Tuesday, November 25, 2014

First status check for Prof. Patrick Harran was last Thursday

Via Michael Torrice of C&EN, the first status check of Prof. Harran's deferred prosecution agreement in the case of Sheharbano (Sheri) Sangji was last Thursday: 
Judge George G. Lomeli said in court that he had reviewed reports submitted by the DA’s office and determined that Harran is complying with all terms of the agreement. 
Lomeli set the next status check for May 21, 2015. 
In the June deal, Harran agreed to complete community service and pay a $10,000 fine. After five years, if Harran has complied with all terms of the agreement, the DA’s office will drop all charges. 
After the hearing, Deputy DA Craig W. Hum said that his office receives reports from Harran’s attorneys detailing what the chemist has done to comply with the agreement. Investigators for the DA’s office then verify the claims in the reports. 
The UCLA chemist has paid the $10,000 fine to the Grossman Burn Center. He also has developed and started teaching a chemistry course for South Central Scholars, a volunteer organization that helps prepare Los Angeles area high school students for college. In court, Thomas O’Brien, Harran’s attorney, said that the chemist had started his first several hours of nonteaching community service at the UCLA hospitals. Harran must complete 800 hours by the end of the five-year term of the agreement.
I'm appreciative that C&EN is staying on this case.  


  1. OK, he's hit the low hanging fruit of the Delayed Prosecution Agreement. I'd like to know if he's fulfilled Section III, Item 3: "Defendant Harran shall commit no violations of California Labor Code sections 6423, 6425 or any other violation of employee safety standards as defined in Title 8...."

    Who's doing those inspections?

    1. Easy, just have someone come by his lab between Dec. 25 and Jan 1. UCLA is "shut down" then.