Thursday, January 15, 2015

15 undergraduate research positions available this summer

The Center for Sustainable Polymers (CSP) is a NSF funded Center for Chemical Innovation whose mission is to transform how plastics are made and unmade through innovative research, engaging education, and diverse partnerships that together foster environmental stewardship. CSP participants aim to design, prepare, and implement polymers derived from renewable resources for a wide range of advanced applications, and to promote future economic development, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability in the emergent area of biobased products. 
The CSP will provide up to 15 undergraduate research positions to undergraduate students during the summer of 2015. Up to nine positions are available at the University of Minnesota and up to three positions each at University of California-Berkeley and Cornell University.  
This program is open to students in science and engineering majors, preferably chemistry, chemical engineering and material science. Underrepresented multicultural students – African-American, Hispanic/Latino, Native American students, or students with disabilities who have US citizenship or permanent residency status are strongly encouraged to apply.  
This paid research experience requires a full-time commitment to extensive lab work for ten weeks during the summer. All participants will have the opportunity to present their research in a CSP meeting at the end of the summer and in an undergraduate research expo.
Link here. Deadline: February 1, 2015. 

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  1. Engaging with sustainable diversity best practices innovative STEM promoting future economic emerging multicultural buzzwords that have lost all meaning… and polymers.


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