Monday, January 5, 2015

Bonus Monday paranoia: what are the tail-risks of Vanguard?

I am a huge fan of Vanguard, the mutual fund company. I basically don't believe in fancy stock-picking* and I like their emphasis on passive investing.

But when I read things like today's headline on the front page of the Wall Street Journal ("Vanguard Sets Record Funds Inflow"), I get a little nervous. What if Vanguard has skeletons that we don't know about? What if VFINX is actually some guy in Atlantic City named Vinny?

I should calm down some.

*No offense intended to fancy stock-pickers out there. 


  1. No need to worry, "the general trend of the market is up"....

    Well, maybe except for that pesky period from Dec. 1996 to Feb. 2009 when it was flat and actually lost 25% to inflation.....

  2. The "London Whale" needed a new job. C'mon, you didnt think he would retire?

  3. Two guys named Vinny. FINX sounds plural (and also like perhaps the two Vinnies haven't got much time before they cash out).