Monday, January 19, 2015

Interested in a LEGO NMR spectrometer?

Credit: LEGO

Mark Lorch has a pretty funny take on this, so I thought I'd mention it here.

If you're a LEGO fan, it appears that you can lend your support to have them make an NMR machine spectrometer kit to purchase.

They need 10,000 folks to support it and they've only got 837 right now. 


  1. LOL...NMR lego doesnt look fun. I bet no one will buy it, even the ones who supported the idea.

  2. It may be limited to running the NMRs of building blocks!

  3. "I already have all the pieces... I don't need a kit!" says the lady who works in an NMR lab and has two little boys with a LEGO collection up to their armpits!

    Love the red NMR tube cap sticking out of the top!

  4. What's funny is when someone tries to resurrect a dead blog after 2-3 months without a post. Goodbye, self-styled "Chemistry Blog"!

    1. I wouldn't say 2-3 months without a post is "dead", but perhaps I am an optimist.

    2. Well, i could go back and look at the frequency over at ChemBark or Tot Syn, but you know what i mean... there's a dead-dog bounce that can go on for (literally) years.

      I guess if you're on RSS feeds or something to notify you, you wouldn't notice. I tend to scan around by hand and after a while, some sites don't get visited anymore.


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