Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Too late, Professor

From the front page of the Wall Street Journal, a brief celebration of manufacturing "tiptoeing" back from overseas into the United States.* Ironic tidbit from a Harvard Business School professor: 
Willy Shih, a professor at Harvard Business School, is less optimistic. “China has really captured the whole electronic supply chain,” he said, and that is unlikely to return to the U.S. 
Instead of trying to make established products in the U.S., Mr. Shih said, “we’re going to have to focus on next-generation technologies” in, for example, advanced pharmaceuticals.
Oh, if that's all we have to try to capture within the United States!

I suppose Professor Shih could be talking about the United States attempting to corner the market on biomolecule API manufacture. In that sense, yeah, sure, that'd be great.

*Worth noting that the article has a long story about a small US company hemming-and-hawing about where they should manufacture their new car seat, and ultimately staying in China. Thanks, dudes. 

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  1. Well, US can always make weapons to sell to those afraid of China. The Japanese are doing something similar with their home market to help their economy. It always pumps a lot of money into the system when you design and build your own jet fighter. Too bad that no one in their right mind would buy the F-35, unless they are forced to by being America's allies. You also need to have some oversight of monetary spending/waste in the military/industrial complex, or the economic gains get cancelled out by colossal waste, and frankly, corruption. The whole military industry is unbelievably corrupt, so much so that it actually might make sense to give billions to the pharma sector instead to get better output.


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