Thursday, January 15, 2015

Daily Pump Trap: 1/15/15

A few of the positions posted on the C&EN Jobs website:

Oak Ridge, TN: ORNL has an interesting Ph.D. separations chemist position; looks to be nuclear chemistry related, of course.

Colorado Springs, CO: The National Swimming Pool Foundation is back looking for a Ph.D. chemist (ideally) to be a product development manager. The team is still "magically charged." Starts at 70k?

Mapleton, IL: Evonik looking for a quality control manager (5-15 years experience, B.S. desired) Glycerin manufacture, looks like?

Santa Rosa, CA: Thermochem desires a B.S./M.S./Ph.D. LC/GC-MS chemist.

Charlotte, NC: Not everyday you see a "wood technologist" position. "A Master’s Degree in Wood Chemistry is preferred" - credentialism! (M.S./Ph.D. in related position will be considered.)

Rolla, MO: OK, either Brewer Science is growing like crazy, or they have unreal turnover. They'll be interviewing for 8 positions at the Denver ACS.

The Woodlands, TX: Flotek looking for a research chemist towards oil/gas work, varying levels of education/experience desired. 


  1. Wood chemistry is a small specialty, but I can think of at least 6 schools off the top of my head that offer formal training in the field (even if only one of them is actually in a department of chemistry). If that's what they really want for the position, at least they are being upfront about it.


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