Thursday, February 19, 2015

Daily Pump trap: 2/19/15

It's been a while, hasn't it? A few of the positions posted on the C&EN Jobs site this past week:

Salt Lake City, UT: The Utah Public Health Laboratory is hiring a head of environmental chemistry. M.S./Ph.D. desired.

Dallas, TX: Matheson Tri-Gas is looking for a lab technician -- they're going to C&EN Jobs for this? Maybe there really is a STEM shortage (kidding, kidding!)

Weird: What kind of position needs a process chemist in the Bahamas?

Boston, MA: Interesting carbohydrate chemistry position from Midori; Ph.D. level. Looks vaguely familiar.

Wickliffe, OH: I like the fact that Lubrizol is paying 90-100k for a seemingly entry-level Ph.D. position. (Maybe it's not, I dunno.)

Irvine, CA: What does Henkel Adhesive Technologies want to do with quantum dots? 


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  2. (Sorry for the deleted reply - fat fingered the keyboard in the middle of the post)

    RE: Process chemist in Bahamas:

    There are two rum distilleries on STX both of which have process chemists/ChemEngs at rather high levels. In Jan 2014, I spent about 2 hours with the process chemist at Cruzan distillery imagining how that could be one of the most awesome job locations in the world, at least until hurricane season started. Also, STX used to have a refinery but I think it's closed down now.

  3. Aren't Syntex in the Bahamas? Used to work with a bloke who worked there way back when...

  4. RE: Process chemist in the Bahamas

    Based on the FDA experience requirement, it's more likely to be PharmaChem Technologies.

    PharmaChem Technologies (Grand Bahama) Limited produces bulk pharmaceutical ingredients and registered intermediates. The company was founded in 1967 and is based in Freeport, Bahamas.