Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ivory Filter Flask: 2/24/15 edition

A few of the academic positions posted on the C&EN Jobs website:

Rise of the VAPs: Everyone's looking for visiting assistant professors...

Davidson, NC: Davidson College is looking for a visiting assistant professor of organic chemistry.

Huntsville, TX: Sam Houston State University desires a visiting assistant professor of general chemistry.

Hamilton, NY: Colgate University wishes to hire a visiting assistant professor for a 2-year term, any subject.

Forest Grove, OR: Pacific University seeks 2 visiting assistant professors, one for inorganic and one for analytical.

Hong Kong: The Chinese University of Hong Kong wishes to hire a tenure-track assistant professor of inorganic/organometallic chemistry.

Espoo, Finland: Aalto University is looking for a professor of biochemistry. 


  1. A VAP is an adjunct I assume? You'd be crazy to take that job unless you're moving to town with your spouse. Also, I guess some people can be desperate, or just gluttons for punishment or something...

  2. A VAP is temporary (usually 1-2 year) position, but typically they are hired with the same salary and benefits as a full time hire. The salary may be small, and the prospects of a permanent position very low, but I think one position with benefits beats four cobbled together adjunct positions.