Monday, February 2, 2015

Job posting: research scientist, Northeastern University, Boston, MA

From the inbox:
I am currently looking for an Associate or Senior Research Scientist to join our neglected tropical disease drug discovery program at Northeastern University. I am specifically seeking an industry experienced medicinal chemist (BS/MS, or PhD-level) who can contribute to our hit-to-lead and lead optimization programs.  Job responsibilities and hiring level will be based on the level of experience; but I’d be looking for a minimum of 5-6 years of industrial drug discovery experience at the BS/MS level, or 1-3 years at the PhD level. Please apply, following the directions below, and please also email me your CV ( and use the following subject line “Research Scientist Posting”
  • Please visit  and apply to position number STFR001902
  • Careers -> Job Openings -> Search Jobs and search the Position Number in the Keyword field.
  • You may be able to click directly to the search site here:, and then enter the position number
Best wishes to those interested. 


  1. Why's the tropical disease program "neglected"? Seems to me it'd be pretty popular... : )

    1. See Ar Oh probably is truth in that mantra since probably outside DOD a disproportionate low level of funding and academic/pharmaceutical in Western countries relative to other disease areas as opposed to the global population impact of tropical diseases. Ebola was neglected until was seen as posing danger on a bigger scale. The issue of reliance on 3rd world countries paying for the R&D much less any drugs that result currently requires government and charity so except for occasional orphan type projects what private organization would devote the necessary resources