Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Ivory Filter Flask: 2/3/15 edition

A few of the academic positions posted on C&EN Jobs this past week:

Somewhere in Texas: The University of Texas Pan-American and UT Brownsville are consolidating to form The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. They're looking for an assistant professor of organic chemistry.

(You know, something tells me that universities don't consolidate when times are good. That said, who knows?)

Urbana, IL: Postdoctoral position in laser spectroscopy in Prof. Dana Dlott's laboratory.

Urbana, IL: Also at UIUC, a lecturer position in material science and engineering. 60-80k? You could live like royalty for that amount.

Rochester, NY: Monroe Community College is looking for a full-time tenure-track instructor. M.S. or higher.

Belleville, IL: Lindenwood University-Belleville desires an assistant professor of analytical chemistry to start August 2015.

Conway, AR: Hendrix College (Derek Lowe among its distinguished alumni) is looking for 2 visiting assistant professors of chemistry, one organic, one inorganic. 

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  1. Just stopped by to visit the chemjobber blog after scrolling through the C&EN openings. While I would -god forbid- never be interested in such a position, it was difficult to not overlook the vast numbers of temporary assistant professor jobs which are now being advertised. Sounds like the MBAs at US colleges and universities are at it yet again.

    Then there is the interesting case of the two universities in Texas which are merging. I looked at the departmental profiles of each: neither mentioned the merger. UT Pan-American appeared to be doing a reasonable amount of research for a MSc-granting department. But UT Brownsville looked pretty horizontal....they didnt even have a Ye Olde 60 MHz NMR! Could they ever honestly even offer a BSc degree? I wonder if "merger" in this case is an euphemism for consolidation of a stronger with a weaker university?