Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Job postings: Exelon has nuclear plant chemist openings

From the inbox, two openings at Exelon nuclear plants, one in Morris, IL and another in Lusby, MD.

It's hard to understand how much experience you need -- I presume that nuclear plants require a lot of direct experience, but I dunno. 


  1. Powerplant chemistry is incredibly simple-minded water monitoring and engineering stuff but it could be a well paid job, with a major responsibility.

  2. I have friend who works at Exelon as a chemist (she has since progressed beyond this position) with a masters degree.
    She was well compensated despite the apparent simplicity.

  3. Lusby would be a fairly attractive place to work (not that I know anything about nuclear chemistry). Close enough to Washington, DC to take advantage of it's culture or second job market for the spouse, but far enough out that housing is relatively cheap.

    1. you probably won't need to know much about nuclear chemistry. It is all about DI water filtration system, and the turbines, and water in heat exchangers/cooling towers. You add algicide to keep stuff from growing there, and you add corrosion inhibitors to keep the machinery healthy. It probably involves lots of monitoring, and if you neglect something and there is a problem it could get very expensive, etc.