Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Ivory Filter Flask: 7/26/16 edition

A few of the academic positions posted at C&EN Jobs: 

Stanford, CA: Stanford University is looking for a senior research safety specialist.

It's that time again: mostly 2017 positions.

Chicago, IL: The University of Chicago is searching for an assistant professor of chemistry. 

Oxford, OH: Miami University has two assistant professor positions open. 

Framingham, MA:  Framingham State University is looking for an assistant professor of analytical or physical chemistry. 

Lausanne, Switzerland: They're searching for assistant professors at Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL); looks like one biologically-oriented position, and one broader search. 

Lookout Mountain, GA: Covenant College is looking for a professor of chemistry. I feel like the desired qualifications are kinda broad?: 
The successful candidate would be expected to teach the analytical chemistry/instrumental analysis sequence and the physical chemistry sequence. A background in inorganic chemistry would best complement the current faculty. 
Looks to be an open rank search.

The List: I'm planning on starting the Chemistry Jobs list very, very soon, but Andrew Spaeth has beat me to it, and has started a list here. It's a good one, with 28 positions so far. 


  1. re: The List (to repeat myself): I was going to suggest someone (Chemjobber?) look into setting up an online forum instead of an endless thread of comments in a blog post (1333+). Maybe if there were different discussion threads available CJ wouldn’t have to come in and yell at people for getting off-topic all the time? Anyway I know i’m no expert but it seems there are software options available (eg Wordpress plugins, Proboards.com) and they look not much different from blogging itself.

    1. What, I'm not an Old Man anymore? (NB I thought it was funny.)

    2. :) That's what i get for repeating myself. I was probably thinking of "Old man yells at cloud" meme.

      (I've always enjoyed referring to people roughly my age as "old man" though.)