Friday, July 29, 2016

How many positions posted in pharma for US chemists?

For a very, very long time, I've been wanting to track the number of chemistry-related positions in the pharmaceutical industry, as advertised on their own websites.

For now, just a quick rundown of the number of available chemistry-related (broadly defined) positions in 10 major pharmaceutical companies. I searched on the individual company's website; the search term used was "chemist" and only positions in the US were counted.

Pfizer: 6
Roche: 1
Merck: 10
Novartis: 4
Johnson & Johnson: 18
GSK: 3
Sanofi: 5
AZ: 1
Lilly: 4
BMS: 12
Takeda: 5

At some point, this will solidify into a routine list, but I just thought I would get it started. 


  1. Same search for Vertex yields 16.

  2. Boehringer Ingelheim: 1

  3. I do not know what to make of it? My fair assesment is that how many are actually filled up? I also hear that some offers were made but then yanked later. Any event all thos plumb job will go to top dogs from Harvard, Princeton where some have consultancy with all leading companies. This will pretty much be off limits to people from not so famous professor/university. Bad students from good school/great professor is always prefered in comarison to a great student/not so popular professor or university. Sad!

  4. One that you might consider adding to the list is Gilead. I had the impression they were on a hiring spree a few years ago, and maybe some of that still persists.

    1. I know their branch in Alberta has had openings in the past two years but haven't actually seen much on US soil.

  5. There are eleven companies listed, which one is not like the others?! I second the call to include Gilead, they are still hiring across the board.