Monday, July 11, 2016

This week's C&EN

A few of the articles from this week's issue of C&EN:


  1. Ir and Rh are always very expensive, historically even more than Pt and Au (although now it is less). Pd and Os are slightly less expensive, and Ru and Ag are pretty cheap. The difficulty is very limited supply and lots of speculation, so any time there is a rumor of a major new application (like superalloy containing few % of platinum group metal to be used in fighter jet engines) the price quickly grows to insane levels

  2. Don't forget the cost of the ligands and overall cost of the metal-ligand complexes of these things. Those can dwarf the cost of the metal. Grubbs' catalysts, I understand, are in the neighborhood of $30-35K/kg. Last time I looked (about 2 yr ago) the ruthenium accounted for only ca. 5% of the total cost.

  3. "women outnumber men (53%) at the bachelor’s degree level worldwide. Female university students dominate in North America (57%), in Central and South America (49–67%), and even more so in the Caribbean (57–85%).....this percentage drops at the Ph.D. level, where male graduates (57%) outnumber female graduates."

    Women are up to 85% of the student body? Girl power!
    Men are 57% of the student body? Problem! Patriarchy!