Monday, July 18, 2016

This week's C&EN

From this week's C&EN:
  • Cover story: Beth Halford writes on the current state of rapamycin research. 
    • I feel like FDA is barely equipped to make a judgment on anti-aging/life extension drugs... I wonder what a future with them will be like? 
  • Looks like the National Toxicology Program isn't too concerned about the toxicity of MCHM. (article by Jessica Morrison)
    • This is one of those things where most of the West Virginia public won't know or believe this, I suspect. 
  • Enjoyed the profile of Ingevity (article by Michael McCoy), a company that takes the waste of paper product companies and makes specialty chemicals. 
    • Why is it that hearing about other companies that have difficulties with their supply chains makes me feel better? 
  • It will be fascinating to see what kind of collaborations Cuba ends up doing with ACS. (article by Linda Wang)  
  • More HPLC history in the letters to the editor.

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