Friday, September 2, 2016

Daily Pump Trap: 9/1/16 edition

A few of the positions posted at C&EN Jobs: 

Devens, MA: Johnson Matthey Fine Chemicals is looking for a process chemist; B.S./M.S./Ph.D. plus experience desired. 

Livermore, CA: Sandia National Laboratories is looking for a manager of its Biomass Science and Conversion Technology department.

Saint Louis, MO: American Radiolabeled Chemicals is looking for experienced synthetic/analytical radiochemists. 

Once more, with feeling: PharmAgra Labs, (Brevard, NC).

A broader look: Monster, Careerbuilder, Indeed and show (respectively) "1000+", 396, 9,527 and 15 positions for the search term "chemist." LinkedIn shows 1,142 positions for the job title "chemist", with 170 for "analytical chemist", 48 for "development chemist", 33 for "research chemist", 16 for "organic chemist", 15 for "medicinal chemist", and 9 for "synthetic chemist." 

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